Monster Information
Attack Style All
Donor only? No
Combat level 382
Monster HP 1,000
Always Drops Bones
Aggressiveness Yes
Slayer Monster? Yes
Weakness? None

WildyWyrms are large, lurking monsters that inhabit various parts of the Wilderness. Once awoken, these monsters will attack those around them with all forms of combat, Melee, Magic, and Ranged. They are related to strykewyrms and may be found in the forest east of the Chaos Temple, north of Clan Wars, and between the Lava Maze and Red Dragon Isle[1]. As these monsters are located in multi-combat wilderness, it is possible for other players to engage in combat with you as you fight the WildyWyrms.

Due to WildyWyrms being located in areas of the Wilderness that are multicombat, there is a large risk of being attacked by player killers and consequently losing your gear. It may be advisable to bring extra food or perhaps an emergency teleport.

Wildywyrms are immune to the effect of rings of recoil, and as such will not drain the remaining damage on a ring. Wildywyrms are also immune to Vengeance and Deflect Curses.

For prayers, it is generally recommended to keep Protection from Magic up at all times. Also, as a general rule, keep Protect Item on at all times. As equipment goes, Slashing weapons like Korasi's Sword and the Abyssal whip are good choices for weapons, and if you don't mind bringing it, a Godsword or Chaotic Weapon could be invaluable. Though, the special attacks of these weapons seem to have very little effect. Alternatively, the best Dragonhide armour you can wear will work too. If you are using the spawn point near the chaos altar, it may be wise to recharge your prayer at the altar after every kill. Respawn times are slow and it is a good way of keeping your prayer up without the use of potions.