Most monsters in Edgeville as well as equipment have weaknesses, which can be taken advantage of to defeat monsters or defeat a player. Different weaknesses require the use of different attack styles and combat types.

Types of weaknesses

Melee weaknesses

Melee weaknesses are those inflicted by the use of melee weapons, such as swords, daggers, spears, daggers, and more. Anything you use to physically hit your target with is categorized as a melee weapon - even a staff when not casting a spell.

Note: Numerous melee weapons can have their attack styles manually altered by the player to cater to a monster's weakness (e.g. Using a Slash attack style with a Chaotic rapier).


Monsters with Stab weaknesses are most vulnerable to daggers and rapiers, such as the Dragon dagger and Chaotic rapier, respectively.


Monsters with Slash weaknesses are most vulnerable to swords, longswords, scimitars, halberds, and two-handed swords, such as the Abyssal whip, Chaotic longsword, Dragon scimitar, and Dragon halberd.


Monsters with Crush weaknesses are most vulnerable to mauls, battleaxes, and some special weapons, like the Barrelchest anchor.

Magic weakness

Monsters with Magic weaknesses are very generic, and refer to a weakness to any kind of magic attack. Magic attacks will be especially effective and more accurate. An example of a magic attack would be any offensive spell (Ice Barrage, Fire Blast, etc.) or effect spell (Enfeeble, Stun, Bind, etc.).

However, in some cases, a monster may be weak to a specific type of spell (e.g. Glacors being weak to Fire spells).

Ranged weakness

Monsters with Ranged weaknesses are also rather generic, and refer to a weakness to any kind of ranged attack. This includes arrows, bolts, throwing darts, javelins, chinchompas, and any other method of attack using physical projectiles launched over a distance.