To begin training slayer, teleport home and walk south until you reach Spria.


She will give you four options to chose from to help you train Slayer.

  • I need another assignment.- this will give you a regular Slayer assignment.
  • I want to teleport to my assignment. - teleports you to task for a small fee.
  • Can I buy a slayer gem? - buy a slayer gem for 10,000 coins.
  • Give me a boss task. - gives you a boss task instead of a regular task.


To gain experience in the Slayer skill, you must kill the monster that Spria assigns you. Monsters are assigned based on your combat level, meaning the higher combat level you are, the harder the monster assigned will be to kill. The harder the monster is to kill, the more experience you will receive for slaying it. Also, the higher your Slayer level, the chances of being assigned more monsters to kill increases.


You will also receive bonus XP for completing your Slayer assignment. After you complete your assignment you can get another by talking to Spria again.

The Slayer skill as all other skills has a maximum experience cap at 200,000,000 xp and a level cap at 99.