Sea Troll Queen
Sea Troll Queen
Monster Information
Also called STQ
Attack Style Melee, Magic
Donor only? No
Combat level 91
Monster HP 200
Always Drops None
Aggressiveness No
Slayer Monster? Yes
Weakness? None
The Sea Troll Queen is the boss monster for the quest Swan Song. She uses Melee and a Water Wave magic attack, but her Magic hits more than her Melee attacks, so it is advised to fight her directly with Protect from Magic whilst wearing good defensive armour, as she will use a Prayer-draining attack if players fight her at a distance with prayer on. She has an extremely high Magic Defence, and she uses her magical attack more often than her Melee one.

She has extremely low stab and rangeddefence, and moderately low crush and slashdefence. Because of this, an effective strategy would be to use a stabbing weapon or crossbow. Alternatively, players may opt for a fast weapon such as an Abyssal whip or Saradomin sword. It is also helpful to bring a weapon with a fast special attack such as a Dragon dagger. Alternatively, if you have completed Regicide, use a Dragon halberd for its special attack, as it can hit twice on monsters that are deemed 'big' (they are big if they take up two or more spaces and/or if they're tall enough).

IMPORTANT: It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to rush her as fast as possible if using Prayer. Her draining attack drains OVER 20 Prayer points at once. Bringing Prayer potions is advised.