Monster Information
Attack Style Magic, Melee
Donor only? No
Combat level 699
Monster HP 9,000
Always Drops None
Aggressiveness No
Slayer Monster? Yes
Weakness? None
Nomad is an extremely powerful warrior-mage who siphons souls from the Soul Obelisk to increase his power. He is also very skilled in several areas, as he built the Soul Obelisk and the temple underneath his tent himself. Zimberfizz states that Nomad "certainly knows his ways around Slayer monsters" and caught Zimberfizz with a magic box.

Nomad is capable of using a wide variety of magic, as he uses various teleports to both escape and drag his opponents to him. His knowledge of magics allows him to make clones of himself which are capable of inflicting damage despite not being real. He can charge up powerful attacks such as Disintegrate and Soul Blast. The result of him absorbing countless souls via the Soul Obelisk grants Nomad great power, as he is capable of killing Sliske's Elite Wights in one hit. Nomad can also use his staff as a melee and ranged weapon, shown during Dishonor Among Thieves where he throws it at the player and in Nomad's Elegy where he uses it as a fast melee weapon. He is also capable of resurrecting the dead, although it is unknown to what extent.

Nomad can also absorb souls to increase his power and life expectancy, as Death tells the player that Nomad's soul was due a "long time ago" and that the warrior-mage had taken countless souls from him.