Hitpoints (also known as HP or "Health") is a skill that determines how much damage a player or NPC is able to receive before they die. The higher your Hitpoints, the longer you'll last in a fight.

Gaining Hitpoints

One can gain more HP by the following methods:

  • Eating food of various types (fish, pastry, etc).
  • Drinking certain potions (Saradomin Brews, the after-effect of Overloads).
  • Gradually over time, HP will be restored.
  • Using any Nex Piece.

Losing Hitpoints

One can lose HP by the following methods:

  • Being attacked (By another player, an NPC, etc)
  • Drinking certain potions (Overloads)

User Interface

HP will be displayed as the bar that appears before your character when engaging in combat. It is displayed by a green or red bar above your character: the green represents the amount of HP you have left, and the red represents how much HP you have lost. When the bar is completely red (unless "red-barred", meaning 1 HP left), this means you have 0 HP and will die. A loss of HP will be displayed with a "hitsplat" usually. The hitsplat will display a number, which represents the amount of HP you have lost, also known as the "damage" you've taken. The stronger an opponent, the weaker your armour, and the lower your combat skills will all affect whether you achieve victory or accept defeat.

With Edgeville's client, players have the option to multiply all hitsplats by 10, making it more familiar to players that have played RuneScape following the Constitution update.